FlexNet Usage Management: 機能

使用ベースの Trust but Verify ソフトウェアライセンシングおよびコンプライアンスモデルのサポート


Capture Usage

Capture any type of usage data in a free form format, including: user, feature, quantity, date time, and/or any unit of measure.

Support Capacity Licensing and Consumption Models

Enable various types of concurrent and metered usage scenarios including capped and uncapped.

Automate Compliance Determination

Compute and reconcile usage against entitlements to continuously track compliance status.

Usage and Compliance Dashboard for Enterprises and Producers

Provide usage data to the enterprise to enable self-monitor/self-control, including pure usage data and usage vs. entitlement. Roll usage data into Dashboards for Producers as well.

Export Usage Data

Extract entitlement and usage data in a CSV format to feed external systems.

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